Interesting Web Development Project Ideas

Web development has come a long way since its inception. The web developers used to make static websites at the beginning and now it is so dynamic with multiple functions and web apps. It’s going to be even better in the future. Here are some interesting web development project ideas that might be useful to you.

A Quiz Game

You will develop a quiz game where predetermined questions are presented to the players with multiple options. Only one will be the correct answer and a scoring system can be used. You should learn JavaScript for this project. You can design and style the game with a CSS framework.

A Duplicate GIPHY (Using the GIPHY API)

You can create a web app that takes users’ search input and displays the results in gifs. You need to understand the DOM manipulation and iQuery. You can use GIPHY, the online source for finding GIFs. With GIPHY API you can develop a compact web app that will let the user search gifs.

A Basic To-Do Web app

This basic to-do app will allow the users to include daily tasks. You need to be accustomed to web development to do this project. This app will let the users add new items to the existing list.

The users will be able to mark a task ‘complete’ and these completed tasks will appear in another table. A separate list can be added for ‘pending tasks’. You can add the date and time of the completion of the tasks.

Build a Portfolio Website

This is a popular project today and done by fresh graduates who are about to enter the job market. This can be done with CSS and HTML. You can get free video lessons to learn how to do it. You need to know how to host a website. In the portfolio, you can showcase the projects you have done and the experiences you have had.

These projects are very interesting and useful today. If you are wondering what kind of web project you should do for your work or study, then these ideas will help you.